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Inaugural Maryland Health Literacy Convening

Join your Maryland peers in College Park, Maryland October 4th, 2023 for the Inaugural Health Literacy Hub convening. Maryland organizations and professionals that create and communicate health, safety, health insurance, and social services information with the public to discuss health literacy best practices, examples, challenges and successes are invited to attend. State and local public agencies, non-profit and community organizations, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurers, consultants and more can enhance their professional competencies in plain language, language access, and digital communications.

You will network, share resources and tools, and brainstorm how to get plain language information in primary languages to all Maryland residents! Sessions will be interactive and include hands-on practice and activities. No registration fee, so register early to get a seat at the table!

The Hub is a network of organizations and people increasing plain language and language access for health, safety, insurance, and social services information in Maryland. A 2022 Maryland law designates the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy as the state's consumer health information hub. You can learn about the Hub's purpose and goals, explore Hub activities, events, and resources, and read media coverage of the Hub. Read the full text of the law.


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