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Mid Shore COVID-19 Vaccines Messaging WEBINAR

The Mid Shore Health Improvement Coalition and the University of Maryland invite you to the Mid Shore COVID-19 Vaccines Messaging Webinar Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 12 pm.

This webinar will better equip community members, schools, businesses, and healthcare providers to encourage vaccination among their peers, through discussion and resource sharing. This webinar will be 30- 45 minutes, with a big portion of the time allotted for discussion.

Please share this invitation with any colleagues who may benefit from this webinar. Please note that in order to attend, people must register for the webinar, we are also asking folks to fill out a quick survey before and after the webinar. After the webinar, we will be sure to share the recording and all of the resources we have found with you so you can share with your networks. Thank you for your effort, support, and willingness to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates and keep your communities safe!

Flyer Midshore Webinar
Download PDF • 181KB

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