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Free Therapy Services for Farmers and Their Families

Six free therapy sessions are being offered for farmers and their families on the mid shore. Therapy sessions will be held in-person or virtually, until March 2024. You must first fill out the intake form. Someone will then contact you to assist with setting up your appointment, connecting you with a provider, and accessing your session.

About The Project:

Farm families are the backbone of America, providing important commodities like food, grains, and they are a significant component of our national economy. However, farm families are feeling the pressure of an inconsistent and unreliable economy. Finances, legal issues, and physical and mental well-being are all at the forefront of agricultural concerns.

Because of the critical role of farmers in our state and across the nation, the University of Maryland Extension has prepared this selection of assets to help farm families navigate the numerous resources available online and provide timely, science-based education and information to support prosperous farms and healthy farm families.

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