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We're looking for a fresh website

Request for Proposals:

Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition

Website redesign

On behalf of the Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition, the Kent County Health Department is releasing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to redesign the website

The Mid-Shore Health Improvement Coalition began in 2021 by first addressing the prevention and management of diabetes, and has since expanded to focus on additional regional priorities. Current focus areas include: Diabetes/Healthy Living, Social Determinants of Health, Tobacco/Cancer, Telehealth, Health Literacy, and Provider Recruitment and Retention. The redesigned website should include resources for each focus area, a regional calendar of events (with options for community member submission), and a member portal to house workgroup materials.

Elements of Proposal:

  1. Description of proposed activities. What is the scope of services you are proposing?

  2. A timeline for project completion

  3. Line item budget and justification. The total proposal should not exceed $10,000.


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