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Seven Ways Businesses Can Align with Public Health for Bold Action and Innovation

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in collaboration with the de Beaumont Foundation recently released a joint report on the ways businesses can align with public health.

Today, fewer than one in five employers have in place comprehensive and well-resourced workplace health and well-being programs (also known as worksite health promotion or workplace wellness). When properly designed, implemented, and evaluated, these programs have been shown to reduce health risks, curb safety incidents, enhance productivity, achieve cost savings, and contribute to overall business success.

Also, because employees have families, and those families live in and are a part of larger communities, it is not enough for businesses to focus on improving individual workers’ health. It is equally crucial to support the health of communities in which employees live, work, learn, play, and pray. Employers hold an often unrecognized and underutilized power to impact and influence public health in their communities, or their external culture of health.

Join the Mid Shore Health Improvement Coalition's Employer Workgroup to start putting some of the report's recommendations into practice.


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