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It's March Madness in Medicine!

The Maryland Department of Health is offering this webinar series to help you develop a winning game plan for chronic disease management.

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Day 1

9-10:30 am Achieving Sweet Success with Prediabetes & Diabetes Management*

4-5 pm PASS the BALL: Essential Skills for Teamwork for Prediabetes & Diabetes Management**

Day 2

9-10 am Under Pressure: Practicing Successful Hypertension Management*

4-5 pm Be a "BP MVP": A Team Based Approach for Hypertension Management**

Day 3

9-10 am Obesity Treatment in Primary Care: A Game Plan for Team- Based, Patient- Centered Care*

4-5 pm UP YOUR GAME:Team Tactics to Improve Workflow and Make Referrals**


*Providers in Care

**Support & Care Teams

CEs available for: RDN, RN, CHES, MCHES


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