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Coalition to Receive Annual Operations Funding

On April 11, Governor Wes Moore signed into law Rural Health Collaborative Pilot Repeal and Mid Shore Health Improvement Coalition Funding, repealing the provisions of law establishing and governing the Rural Health Collaborative Pilot; and requiring the Governor to provide an appropriation in the State budget for fiscal year 2024 and each fiscal year thereafter to fund the operations of the Mid Shore Health Improvement Coalition.

The establishment of the Rural Health Collaborative (RHC) Pilot was a tremendous step forward to improve access to and coordination of healthcare and social services in Maryland’s mid-shore region. The RHC’s report 'Establishing Rural Health Complexes in Maryland’s Mid Shore Region' presented a feasible plan for addressing the region’s health needs, now and into the future. Our region is now better positioned to put that foundational plan into action.

We thank everyone involved for their work to improve the access and delivery of health services, reach underserved and vulnerable populations, and integrate clinical and social support services within the five-county mid-shore region. A very special thank you to HB 0497 sponsors Delegates Jacobs, Arentz and Ghrist, HB 0498 sponsors, Senators Hershey and Mautz, as well as Governor Wes Moore.


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