According to the Maryland Youth Tobacco Survey 2010, tobacco use within the last 30 days for mid shore high school students overall was 33% compared to 25% for the State. There was no statistically significant difference in smoking prevalence among the 5 counties. In addition, there was no evidence to support a racial or income level disparity when the 8 mid shore high schools were analyzed. 


SHIP Objective #33: Reduce the proportion of youths who use any kind of tobacco product . 


Indicator: Percentage of high school students (9-12 grade) that have used any tobacco product in the past 30 days (MYTS 2010)  


Baseline and Mid Shore Goal: Reduce adolescent smoking from its current level of 33.2% to the State target of 22.3% by 2014. 


Strategy I: Prevent and reduce tobacco use among youth by implementing school based prevention and cessation activities.


Strategy II: Prevent and reduce tobacco use among youth by reducing out of pocket costs for effective cessation therapies.


Strategy III: Prevent and reduce tobacco use among youth by active enforcement of retailer sales laws and retailer educations.


Current Status: Through regional and statewide efforts, tobacco use among high school students decreased from 33.2% in 2010 to 23.6% in 2013 and increased slightly to 24% in 2017. Considerable work remains to meet the revised 2017 State target of 15.2%.


Data current as of September 2015.









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